Great Lakes Pet Expo 2023 – February 4

Stop by the Great Lakes Pet Expo Activity Stage at 3pm! Pets of Our Future will be providing a Cardboard Chaos demonstration. Cardboard Chaos is a fun enrichment activity for your pets. For dogs, this activity is known to build optimism and confidence with novel objects, movements, and noises! The best part? This game can be played with items already in your home – no extra expense!

What is the Pet Expo?

The Great Lakes Pet Expo is the largest non-profit pet exp in Wisconsin. It is different from most other shows of this magnitude because it is produced by the Alliance of Wisconsin Animal Rehoming Efforts, a non-profit consortium of rescues and shelters working together to save lives. The expo production team is a group of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours planning and executing a show we’re proud to call our very own. All of the proceeds from this event are given back to the animals of Wisconsin by way of the non-profit organizations (rescues and humane societies) who care for them. The money is raised through ticket sales and all dollars raised stay in Wisconsin. Learn more about AWARE at It is the animals who bring us together and you who make the show possible. Hope to see you at the 2023 Great Lakes Pet Expo!

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